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Investing In Silver

Investing In Silver

Investing in Silver is one of the many ways ordinary citizens can protect themselves from the continuing devaluation of paper currency and hold a tangible commodity that is not prone to economic shocks and political instability.

If you have ever wanted to invest in silver, the right time is now. This is because the paper currency that we’re used to is quickly losing its value and despite furious printing of the notes, almost all countries worldwide are slowly suffocating in debt. This means soon enough, the money that people have worked so hard to put in the bank will not be as useful as they expect. Its value will have been watered down immensely. In the United States, the national debt is rising at $3.6 billion a day!

Investing In Silver

The Many Ways Of Investing In Silver

There many ways of investing in silver. One is by buying physical silver. This is silver in form of coins or bullion. Bullion refers to block-form. If you choose to invest in physical silver, there are many companies today that can offer this service. People who buy physical silver prefer it because they can be sure they own it. Silver coins and bullion can be stored in safes, bank deposit boxes.

One can also invest in silver is through silver-mining companies. This means your fortunes will be tied with the success of the company. Another less risky way of going about this is investing in mutual funds that focus on the same mining companies. Alternatively, one can invest in silver through exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Here you buy a share in physical silver but it’s kept in storage by the holding company. As the value of silver increases, so does your share value. You can also invest in silver IRA as part of your retirement plan, taking advantage of the tax reprieves and the time ahead of you to reap from the price appreciation.

The price of silver fluctuates just like that of gold. It can go up or down. Currency on the other hand is on a continuous nose-dive headed for the ground. The value of silver has been climbing steadily over the years. In the year 2000, the price of silver was 4.95 per troy while a decade later in 2012, it was valued at 31.15 for the same amount! A mega-appreciation of 529%!

In 2003, the price dipped slightly as investors sought to take their profits and diversify ventures. The price dip however, the lowest in three years has opened up a buying frenzy as investors seek to take advantage of the low prices before the index shoots up again and continues its upward trajectory.

Could Investing In Silver Be Your Best Move?

Apart from investment, silver has numerous industrial uses. That coupled with the dwindling availability of silver in mines is leaving very little allocations for investment. That scarcity is what is giving investors confidence of brighter days ahead, investing in silver could well be your next best move.